Preaching Festival Announcement, June 5-7, 2015
Consider Christ Jesus
As Revealed in the Fulfillment of Isaiah Chapter 42
Location: The Factory 17543 Nassau Commons Blvd Lewes De 19958 Date: June 5 (6-9pm) June 6 (9-3), June 7 (9-1)
With anticipation and by the grace of God we will be hosting a meeting to Consider Christ Jesus, June 5-7. 

Our theme this year is considering Jesus in the fulfillment of Isaiah 42; primarily we want to consider that God sent a Man, THE Man, the Savior, to be a covenant to the people. The New Covenant would not be like the old. We didn't just need to be told what to do. We needed someone to save us; someone to do the will of God; someone to please the Father and also make us acceptable. We needed Jesus . . . and we still do need Jesus. Praise God, we have Him. We want to talk about this at great length. 
Below is a list of topics from Isaiah 42 and we are asking that you join us and bring your insight and understanding with you. Please choose three topics that you would like to minister on and we will be able to put together a schedule for our time together.
In Isaiah’s Prophecy the following things are Declared of the Lord Jesus Christ:
— He is God's Servant (v. 1)
— He is Upheld By God (v. 1)
— He is Chosen By God (v. 1)
— He is God's Delight (v. 1)
— God's Spirit is on Him (v. 1)
— He Brings forth Judgment (vv. 1, 3, 4)
— He Does not cry, nor lift up, nor cause His voice to be heard in the street  (v. 2)
— He Does not break a bruised reed or quench a smoking flax  (v. 3)
— He Shall not fail nor be discouraged  (v. 4)
— He was Called in righteousness  (v. 6)
— He is Kept by God  (v. 6)
— He Has Been Given for a covenant to the people  (v. 6)
— He is a Light to the Gentiles  (v. 6)
— He Opens blind eyes  (v. 7)
— He Brings out the prisoners from the prison  (v. 7)
— God's glory is not given to another  (v. 8)
— The Former things are come to pass, and new things are being declared  (v. 9)
Contact: Pat Woods